The Avant courtyard
Try it. You’ll love it! Arrange for a short term stay to see if we’re right for you. Call for details.
  • Live Smart #1: Come and go as you please. Leave the driving and parking to us
  • Live Smart #2: Eat well and healthy without planning and cooking
  • Live Smart #3: Feel at home without the headaches of home maintenance.

No More
Driving (especially at night)

At The Avant you can live carefree and car free. Our town car or van are at your disposal for daily errands and evening outings. Private parking in a secure garage is also available if you do want to keep your auto handy.


No More
Meal Planning (what to eat at home and/or where to eat out)

Our award-winning chef presides over a relaxing and friendly dining room that’s like having your own restaurant downstairs. When you want to make your famous cookies or that chicken soup only you can do, there’s a complete kitchen in your own apartment.


No More
Home maintenance (clean, mow, weed and repeat)

You know the old expression: you don’t own your home, it owns you. Now you can show who’s boss—living in a gorgeously appointed space that’s scrubbed and polished for you, day in and day out.

tidy rooms